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“With this ring, I thee wed.” These words are what your wedding is all about. From that day forward, your wedding bands are the outward sign of your commitment to one another, which makes choosing the right ones all the more important.

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Celebrating Your Love Stories for More Than 40 Years

For more than 40 years, Maria’s Fine Jewelry has been educating couples on everything from the four “Cs” of diamonds (color, cut, clarity, and carat) to choosing the best metals to match their lifestyles.

At Maria’s Fine Jewelry, we take pride in our workmanship and strive to create the perfect piece of jewelry for each individual. What makes the store stand out is the personal attention given to each and every customer. Because of the repeat business that we’ve had over the years, our customers have become part of our family.

I care about what my customers are purchasing. Jewelry is an investment and it's important that the needs of the customer are met. I want to ensure that the purchase is right for them, or for the person the jewelry is being gifted to. I will always put in the time, effort, and research to find the best price and value for my customers.

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